Dr Tim Kuiper on elephant poaching

Conservation and community development must go together. An interview by A Rocha SA supporter Dr Tim Kuiper highlights the importance of community upliftment for successful conservation.
In 2021, A Rocha South Africa, recognising the unique opportunities presented to us as a Christian conservation organisation, made a strategic decision to pursue community development and livelihood creation opportunities amongst those living in environmentally sensitive areas. Well done Tim Tarzan Kuiper and your team on excellent research.

John Stott birding day: 13 May 2023

On 13 May 2023, teams around the world will take part in the John Stott memorial birding day organised by A Rocha to commemorate and celebrate our great friend and supporter John Stott’s legacy as a theologian, pastor and birdwatcher.

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World Fish Migration Day

A Rocha KZN joined a team from University of KwaZulu-Natal for a fish survey of Boulder Dam in the Ferncliffe Nature Reserve. Against expectations, the survey yielded no fish species and only produced a handful of Common Platanna’s (Xenopus leavis). FUN FACT: The female Common Platanna will spawn if injected with the urine of a pregnant woman. In the 1940s and ‘50s, this was the only available pregnancy test and many hospitals around the world kept and bred platannas so that they could perform such tests.

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A Rocha South Africa 2022 AGM

Murray Tessendorf of A Rocha South Africa joined the team from FreeMe Wildlife for The Tortoise Project’s very first tortoise release. The 5 Natal Hinged and 11 Eastern Hinged Tortoises released back into their natural habitat in Zululand, mark the projects first rehabilitated tortoises legally authorised to be returned to the wild.
The release of these animals is the culmination of a years work that prepared the animals to survive in their natural habitat. Ultimately the success of the project is not marked by the release, but by the tortoises ability to survive and thrive once returned to the wild. The radio transmitters attached to some of the animals will allow for regular monitoring and will help us to gauge the success of the project.

Sylvester: South Africa’s most famous lion

Many South African’s are aware of the story of Sylverster the Lion who made headlines in 2015 during his 3 week, 371 km escape from the Karoo National Park. Earmarked for destruction as a problem animal, Gerhard de Lange, conservation manager of Kuzuko Lodge was able to extend Sylvester a lifeline, bonding the Lion into a male coalition and providing a territory for the young lion. A Rocha South Africa has had the privilege of playing a small role in the ongoing success story of Sylvester when, in October 2022, and through generous donations from our supporters, we were able to cover the fitment costs of a satellite tracking collar for Sylvester. We don’t suspect that Sylvester will ever feel the need to go wondering beyond the boundaries of his territory, but if he does, we will know exactly where to find him. Thank you to Kuzuko Lodge for allowing us to play a small part in the conservation of this iconic species.