Creation Care Workshops

A Rocha South Africa hosts Creation Care Workshops for our Christian communities. This includes pastors, leaders, teachers and interested parties. Together we explored the biblical concept of creation care and our role as believers in this world.

A Rocha’s work is a response to God’s love for the whole creation, revealed in the Bible and personally in Jesus Christ.  A Rocha, therefore, is not simply an association of people with a common Christian cultural heritage and shared interests in nature conservation, but an organization in which caring for God’s handiwork is done out of the conviction that Christ is Lord. This establishes the character of our work as both grateful and hopeful. It defines our methods which reflect the conviction that we are undertaking work to which we are called by Christ. Therefore, an expected part of the work of employees and trustees is praying for each other and encouraging each other according to the Christian Bible, and the main objective of all our work is to give glory to God.

Please contact us if you are interested in scheduling a Creation Care workshop for your church or faith community.

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