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Guided by the 5 commitments common to the A Rocha global family, A Rocha South Africa is committed to collaborating with other organisations towards a common good. To this end we seek to work alongside conservation organisations, bible colleges and seminaries, non-profit organisations and church communities in our shared endeavour to care for people and place.


A Rocha South Africa enjoys and very close and productive relationship with the Kuzuko Foundation. Located within the greater Addo area in the Eastern Cape province, the Kuzuko Foundation is the social development arm of the Kuzuko Lodge, itself is a social impact investment project. A Rocha SA shares much of the ethos and goals of the Kuzuko Foundation and are privileged to partner with them on projects relating to community based livelihood creation, pollinator conservation, land rehabilitation through soil conservation and environmental education. The story of Kuzuko as a “story of love, conservation and community upliftment’, mirrors the values expressed in the A Rocha SA catchphrase, ‘Conservation and Hope’.

Please visit: Kuzuko Foundation and Kuzuko Lodge.

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Successful conservation of a species requires teamwork! A Rocha SA enjoys a relationship with FreeMe Wildlife, one of South Africa’s premiere wildlife rehabilitation organisations. Working together on The Tortoise Project, A Rocha SA is able to play a supporting role to FreeMe Wildlife as they a pioneer legally sanctioned and ethical tortoise rehabilitation and release project in South Africa. It is an incredible joy to see an animal that has  been rescued from captivity being released back into the wild, especially with the knowledge that it has been well prepared to survive and thrive in the wild.

Please visit: FreeMe Wildlife KZN.


When Christians take seriously their responsibility to care for God’s creation as an act of obedience, the Christian church will have a greater positive environmental impact than any conservation organisation in existence. The Interdenominational African Ministers association of Southern Africa (IDAMASA), recognising that healthy communities require a healthy environment. Their desire to partner with A Rocha SA opens doors for us to conduct biblical creation care seminars to the associations 1500 pastors representing multiple church denominations. A Rocha South Africa, as a Christian conservation organisation, is ideally positioned and equipped to influence South Africa’s largest faith demographic towards attitudes and actions that have a positive environmental impact.

Please visit: Idamasa on Facebook.

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