Sylvester: South Africa’s most famous lion

Many South African’s are aware of the story of Sylverster the Lion who made headlines in 2015 during his 3 week, 371 km escape from the Karoo National Park. Earmarked for destruction as a problem animal, Gerhard de Lange, conservation manager of Kuzuko Lodge was able to extend Sylvester a lifeline, bonding the Lion into a male coalition and providing a territory for the young lion. A Rocha South Africa has had the privilege of playing a small role in the ongoing success story of Sylvester when, in October 2022, and through generous donations from our supporters, we were able to cover the fitment costs of a satellite tracking collar for Sylvester. We don’t suspect that Sylvester will ever feel the need to go wondering beyond the boundaries of his territory, but if he does, we will know exactly where to find him. Thank you to Kuzuko Lodge for allowing us to play a small part in the conservation of this iconic species.
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