The Restoration of the Kuils river

River2The Kuils river is one of the largest rivers in the greater Cape Town area and is about 23 km long. Unfortunately it is polluted and the water quality poor. Indigenous fish have practically disappeared and a large part of the river is canalized. The river is hardly ever used for recreation purposes any longer.

A Rocha South Africa has a dream of a healthy river system being cared for and enjoyed by Christians and the community.

River3To achieve this goal discussions have taken place with the City of Cape Town about involving faith communities in the restoration of the river. They have promised their full support in the efforts. At a recent meeting of faith communities a steering committee has been tasked to draft a management plan that can guide the restoration.

We were fortunate that Peter and Miranda Harris joined in a clean-up during their visit late in 2014.

During 2016 a number of clean-up events were held. The number of churches participating in the clean-ups have increased to six. An honours student as the University of Stellenbosch has come on board and shared here research on the Kuils river.

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