Sylvester the lion

20th October 2021

Help us care for South Africa’s most famous Lion

Sylvester lion


Remember Sylvester?

That’s right! He’s that ‘Houdini’ lion that back in 2015 escaped from Karoo National Park: twice. They gave him the nickname ‘Spook’ (Ghost) because on his more than 370km sojourn he was almost impossible to find, emerging from out of thickets momentarily and disappearing just as quickly. Considered to be a ‘problem animal’ this magnificent lion faced destruction but fortunately media interest (which renamed him ‘Sylvester’) and public outcry ensured that this wandering lion would be relocated to Kuzuko Private Nature Reserve and given one last chance. Since 2016, Sylvester has made Kuzuko his home, forming a coalition with another male lion and becoming a proud father of a litter of cubs. His wandering days are over: we hope!

Help us care for Sylvester!

A Rocha SA is appealing for funds to contribute towards the costs of fitting a new satellite tracking collar for Sylvester. We hope that Sylvester never jumps the fence again, but if he does, a satellite collar will ensure that he is located quickly.

Here’s your opportunity to help us care for Sylvester: Donate towards the fitting of a new satellite collar and help us offset the costs of a ZAR35 000 piece of equipment.

Congratulations to Mrs. Joan Houston on winning October’s draw. We trust you will enjoy reading the amazing story of “Sylvester: Vagabond to Lion King“. 

NPO Number: 038 -193 PBO Number: 930020406

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